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St. Neots Picture Framing: Terms and Conditions of Supply of Goods

These are the terms and conditions for the sale of goods entered into between St. Neots Picture Framing (the “Seller”), and the purchaser of the goods (the “Buyer”):


  1. Sale of Goods:Pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Seller agrees to transfer ownership and deliver possession to the Buyer, and the Buyer to pay for and accept from the Seller, the “Goods” listed as per our written quote; during the purchase, prices will be discussed and quoted for and agreed by both parties.
  2. Purchase Price:As consideration for the sale of the goods the Buyer shall pay to the Seller the established purchase price
  3. Seller’s Representations:The Seller hereby represents and warrants to the Buyer as follows:
    • The Seller has full right, power, and authority to sell the Goods.
  4. Delivery of Goods/Shipping: Collection of goods is recommended and St. Neots Picture Framing do not deliver products unless prior agreement between St. Neots Picture Framing and the ‘Buyer’ has been made. In which case, if delivery is made personally by an employee of St. Neots Picture Framing, an agreed date and time of deliver will be established. It may on occasions be necessary to use a courier or the Royal Mail to deliver products, in which case the ‘Buyer’ will be notified of dispatch date once the production of the item is complete. Due to the nature of our business, this may vary from product to product, however we (St. Neots Picture Framing) will endeavour to keep the ‘Buyer’ notified of timescales/ The Seller shall deliver the goods per the terms listed below:
    • Location of Delivery: The Seller shall deliver the Goods to the location specified by the Buyer
    • Delivery Notice: The Seller will notify the Buyer of any delays that may affect the expected delivery date.
    • Risk of Loss: The Seller assumes responsibility for the Goods, and all risk of damage, loss, or delay of the Goods, until the Goods are delivered to or collected by the Buyer. Once the Goods have been delivered to or collected by the Buyer, the Buyer assumes all responsibility for and risk of damage to such Goods.
    • Method of delivery will be agreed prior to delivery between the ‘Seller’ and the ‘Buyer’
  • Refund Policy:
    • Refund Policy: If the buyer is not satisfied with the product(s) a refund or a replacement will be provided for up to the full purchase price for up to 30 days after service, on return of the product(s).
    • Due to the nature of our business, where products have been made to order, a ‘change of mind’ is not valid for a refund and under these circumstances it is the discretion of the Director of St. Neots Picture Framing to apply a mutually beneficial solution.
  1. Force MajeureThe Seller and the Buyer shall not be considered in default hereunder or be liable for any failure to perform or delay in performing any provisions of these terms and conditions in the customary manner to the extent that such failure or delay is caused by any reason beyond its control, including any act of God. The Party whose performance has been interrupted by such circumstances shall use every reasonable means to resume full performance of these terms and conditions as promptly as possible.


These terms were last updated on 30th May 2018

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