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Map Framing In St. Neots

Map Framing in St. Neots

Large format picture framing is available here at St. Neots Picture Framing, which is now located at Honeycomb Photography. Kate has experience handling different types of large-scale artwork from canvas stretching, framing for oil paintings and pictures, photograph framing and also map framing.

Framed Maps – Personal Nostalgia

Framing of maps has always been a popular choice for displaying in the home work place or office.  Maps come in various sizes and designs and really anything goes and looks good.  If you search for maps on the Internet there will be loads to choose from; local counties, different countries, London or world maps.

A framed map will allow you to display the places you have been, the places you have lived and the places you’ve loved.  Here at St. Neots Picture Framing, Kate can also help you to frame your map in such as way that will not only compliment the map, but also the décor of the area that your map will be displayed.

‘Framed map of Central London and Surrounding London Boroughs’

Professional Map Framing

Maps are often folded and when opened up can be extremely large! Finding the right size frame for such a large item can be difficult in itself and when you find a frame large enough, chances are that the frame itself doesn’t quite match your style or it’s not quite the right size and looks a bit odd in the frame.

If you are going to display such a large item in your home, office or work place, it’s a good idea to have it framed to that it fits the exact dimensions and looks great up on the wall.  Our professional map framing service enables you to choose your frame and we have a large selection of frame mouldings to choose from. Whether you are looking for something modern or traditional, wooden or metal, here at St. Neots Picture Framing, we’ll have just the right frame for you!

If you have a folded map that needs to be framed, the chances are you will not be able to do much about flattening out the folds yourself.  Depending on the age of the map and taking in to consideration its value, ‘dry mounting’ may be a suitable option for you. Dry mounting is a professional technique that some framers adopt in order to flatten out paper-based artwork, making it an ideal option for most map framing.  Having your map dry mounted will also allow Kate to keep as much of the printed detail of your map as possible in view as many maps print information almost to the edge of the map and this detail can often get cut off with the frame rebate.

Some older maps though are made from a linen-based paper and may not be suitable for the dry mounting process. However there may be other options available, or it may just be that Kate will advise against any type of mounting process and just let the folds of the map become part of the artwork.

‘A map of Europe that has been professionally dry-mounted and framed’

Sometimes with smaller maps, adding a complimentary mount can enhance the final piece, however generally with larger maps, there is no need to add a frame-mount, as the maps are large enough on their own, without adding unnecessary boarders. These are all the details that Kate will discuss with you, she will be able to guide you with both the aesthetical appearance of your final framed map ‘wall art’ and the actual technical details of framing maps, whether they are small or large.

The map above was made from a linen-based material and was therefore not suitable for dry-mounting. However with the age and look of the map, the folds and imperfections made it look great anyway!

St. Neots Picture Framing offers a professional bespoke framing service, enabling you to choose every design aspect of your final product.

St. Neots Picture Framing is proudly part of the ‘Best of St. Neots’ and has relocated to Honeycomb Photography, Church Walk, St. Neots.

For more information, please feel free to contact Kate on 01480 215291. Whilst appointments are not always necessary, it’s always advisable to contact Kate to make sure that she will be available to spend un-interrupted time discussing your framing requirements.

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