Local Artists: Mercedes Owen

My interest in the portrayal of animals began as a small child. Living in a small Cambridgeshire village probably helped, surrounded by them as I was on farms and in the home.

Mercedes Owen

Our companions in this life become irrevocably entwined as part of us, indeed events of our lives are remembered by which pet was with us at that time. My paintings follow an unconventional path, encompassing all elements of an animal's existence, using sometimes surprising imagery to create a visual story which tells their life.

Cat Painting by Mercedes Owen

My work falls into two distinct forms; commissioned portraits and paintings which are my own thoughts and imaginings or simply experiments with different mediums. Acrylic is my favourite medium as I am an impatient worker, I love to see thin glazes building up over one another and how they act and react. It is fascinating to see how colours change as you move around a painting, becoming almost iridescent.

Animal Portraiture
Animal Portraiture
Photo of Clare and dog
A reference photo for a commissioned pet painting

The completed dog painting
The finished painting

Having started out as a graphic designer after following a Foundation course in Cambridge and a Design Degree in Stoke on Trent, it is great to concentrate on a subject that has always been belittled in the greater world of Art and yet is so intrinsic to the Human Spirit.

Paintings on display
Gallery Displays

My work has been exhibited in London (Christie's) and in the United States with one commission going to a lady in Seattle. I am currently working on a commission of four dogs and their owner.

I am currently an active member of Cambridge Open Studios.

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Mercedes' Studio
Mercedes' Studio