Picture Hanging Advice


It is not good to hang pictures directly over radiators or fires.
Framed artwork appreciates having airspace behind. For this reason we fit little felt or cork spacers on the frames.

Felt spacer
Felt spacer.

Try to avoid strong light (daylight or artificial) falling onto your artwork as this causes deteriation to picture fabric and fading eventual fading of colours. Where strong light is unavoidable or the artwork is old or delicate we recommend the fitting of glazing incorporating a UV filter


When wall fixings fail causing broken glass and damaged frames we get the job of replacement and repair, during conversation with the customers as to "how the damage was done" we have over the years built up a picture of what to, and what not to do.

When a picture is going to hang in a busy corridor or hallway and may be subject to being brushed against or even knocked down we recommend that rather than hanging the picture by cord, security fixings are used.

Security fixings
A security fixing into wooden frames showing the removal tool.

FSecurity fixing for aluminium frames
Security fixing for aluminium frames.

We stock 2 different types each with its pros and cons.
Please mention your interest and we can give advice

The traditional pins, either alone or with bracket are only suitable for light pictures.
IF YOU DO USE THEM do wear eye protection as the brittle pins are prone to snap and fly off like billy-o!

Traditional pin with bracket
Traditional pin with bracket.

The best fixing for most pictures is shown below:

Traditional picture wire
Traditional picture wire from a picture rail.

Modern hanging system
A modern hanging System.

Plugging and screwing directly into the wall. We stock these nifty little brackets that do a good job.

Plugging and screwing directly into the wall using our brackets
Heavy Pictures

We stock a couple of alternative fixings for heavy pictures, following a chat we can advise on the most suitable.

Heavy picture fixing
Heavy weight picture hanger

Heavy picture fixing
Flush bezel heavy weight picture hanger

Heavy picture fixing
Stand away bezel heavy weight picture hanger.
Plasterboard walls

If possible, screw fixings into the timber stud work (often at 16 inch horizontal centres).
For light/medium weight pictures we have found these self piloting aluminium fixings very handy.

Fixing for use directly into plasterboard
Fixing for use directly into plasterboard.

Note for medium /heavy pictures or any long narrow picture 2 horizontal fixings are better than one. It also makes it far easier to level and stay level.

Using two wall fixings
Using two wall fixings.
Picture lights

Though not a stock item there are various types we can supply